Fix Gnome Shell 3.12 extensions being disabled at every startup

According to this bug on Ubuntu’s Launchpad bug tracker, every Gnome extension (including themes) fail to load at every startup. There are few way to workaround this problem:

  • Setting option to “system default” instead of “Gnome or Classic” in the login screen (didn’t work for me)
  • Resetting extensions entry in dconf (gsettings set enabled-extensions ‘[]’), logout, login, and re-enabling them (didn’t work for me)
  • Autostart extensions at every login (this one worked)

For the last one you can follow  these steps:

  1. Enable needed extensions
  2. Get the list of installed ones executing this command:
    • gsettings get enabled-extensions
    • In my case the command returns this string:
      • [‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’]

        getting extensions lst
        getting extensions lst
  3. Launch gnome-session-properties:
    • gnome-session-properties
  4. Add a new item:
    • Name: Enable extension
    • Command: gsettings set enabled-extensions “your list of extension from step 2, surrounded by double quotes”
    • In my case the command is exactly this one:
      • gsettings set enabled-extensions “[‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’]”

        setting extensions list at startup
        setting extensions list at startup
  5. Click Add, then Close
  6. Reboot (or logout) to test

IMPORTANT: this is a workaround, remember to re-execute these steps when adding/removing an extension. Sometimes check the opened bug, hopefully it will be fixed someday.


Clean up new facebook layout

I don’t like the new 2013/2014 Facebook layout, so I created a new style for Firefox Stylish extensions (there is an extension from Chrome too).

You can grab it from here.

It basically removes all annoying icons, suggestions, applications, groups and interests, leaving a simple and clean Facebook page. It also uses the same font for external links, ignoring the new serif one.

Facebook nocazzi styleEnjoy clearness 🙂

How to fix VMware /usr/lib/vmware/bin/appLoader crash (can’t compile modules)

Unfortunately, each time I upgrade Ubuntu with a new kernel, I must re-compile the modules used by VMware to get it to boot.

kernel recompile warning
kernel recompile warning

Pressing install won’t correctly compile the modules, resulting in a crash:

crash report of vmware apploader
crash report of vmware apploader

This is caused by the /usr/lib/vmware/bin/appLoader executable, linked by /usr/lib/vmware/bin/vmware-gksu, which FAILS to execute:

vmware apploader output
vmware apploader output

I didn’t have time to search the root cause of the problem, so I found a workaround: calling vmware-modconfig –console –install-all with root priviledges:

vmware modules compilation
vmware modules compilation

Once compilation is finished, you can boot VMware normally again 🙂

vmware boot
vmware boot

Scogger for Android released!

Ok, I admit, I can’t stay without making  Scogger available for every gadget I own, so this time the frog jumped over the green robot 🙂

Graphics borrowed from the PS3 version, with new musics!
Rules of the game are the same as other ports: frog can jump forward, left, right (not backward nor diagonal) and the goal is to jump over all the leaf of the level.

This time Scogger  include 2 game modes:

  • 10 level mode: it is the original mode: There are 10 levels, out of 100 random ones, with increasing difficutly level
  • 100 level mode: enjoy full game! All 100 levels of the game, with increasing difficulty…impossibile to complete!

And for the first time, it is available to a wide range of devices, despite the old ports (only modified console and little more). You can enjoy it grabbing a free version (10 levels only) or the full one, with 100 levels (impossible to complete!)


With more than 10.000 downloads on Google Play, you can find Scogger on:

Full version on Google Play
Android app on Google Play

Free version on Google Play
Android app on Google Play

Full version on Amazon App Store
Android app on Amazon App Store

Free version on Amazon App Store
Android app on Amazon App Store

Mandatory screenshots

Scogger is social!

Feel free to free to follow and like Scogger on the web, asking for some level solution, or post the picture of your device running Scogger!



Other version of Scogger

Available for different platform on my drunkencoders page.


Using Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 on Ubuntu Linux

android ubuntu logoYesterday I finally switched from my sweety old iPhone 3G to a more nerd-oriented smartphone: the (almost) new Samsung Galaxy S2.

Compared to IOS I found Android more complete…at first sight I found Android better because without tweaks I can:

  • delete iTunes 🙂
  • use the device external drive
  • use Blueetooth for everything (file transfer among others)
  • download files
  • use it as modem/hotspot wifi
  • [other things to add]

The bad thing for us poor Linux users is that the device doesn’t seem to to work out of the box with Banshee, so I decided to write an article that I’ll update every time I found some useful way to use it on Ubuntu.

Let’s start with…

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