Using Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 on Ubuntu Linux

android ubuntu logoYesterday I finally switched from my sweety old iPhone 3G to a more nerd-oriented smartphone: the (almost) new Samsung Galaxy S2.

Compared to IOS I found Android more complete…at first sight I found Android better because without tweaks I can:

  • delete iTunes 🙂
  • use the device external drive
  • use Blueetooth for everything (file transfer among others)
  • download files
  • use it as modem/hotspot wifi
  • [other things to add]

The bad thing for us poor Linux users is that the device doesn’t seem to to work out of the box with Banshee, so I decided to write an article that I’ll update every time I found some useful way to use it on Ubuntu.

Let’s start with…

Use Banshee/ Rhythmbox

Tested with: Android 2.3.3 stock Samsung, Ubuntu 11.04

First thing to do is enabling USB debugging: go to Settings –> Applications –> Development –> Allow USB debugging, then connect to PC.

Second step: go the notification menu, click on the USB entry, then push the “Connect USB storage”: the phone will be mounted as an external device.

So the last step is create a file called “.is_audio_player” (without double quotes, but with the dot before the name) and put this content on it:


“media” is where my MP3 collection is stored, your may vary.

Ok we did it! Now just launch Banshee / Rhythmbox and your device will be read without any problems! Also you can sync just like other devices 🙂

Banshee, I prefer it over Rhythmbox


Original article here.

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