Sconsole: a simple function for printing strings on PS3

sconsole 0.1 image

PSL1GHT is a fantastic SDK, growing day after day thanks to help of talented developers like phiren, MattP, AerialX and others.
What I need to start porting Scogger is to print some debug information (like screen size, sprites information and such), but unfortunately for me STDOUT and STDERR are redirected to the lv2 TTY interface.

Right now there are two ways I know for printing debug informations:

Altought these are valid alternatives, they represent a complexity level that is too much for my lazyness: Kammy requires PS3 attached to the router via ethernet cable, plus it prints information to a pc, not to the screen. Most important it needs a peek/poke capable payaload, and my PSJailbreak dongle doesn’t have it.

Libcairo is new to me, it has amazing power but for now I don’t want to learn another library, also it is a waste to use it just for replacing printf.

That’s why I created very simple console, called Sconsole, whose job is to print  some text on framebuffer using 8×16 fonts.

Let’s see how to use it:

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Setup a build environment for compiling and running homebrew for PS3

Ubuntu PS3 Logo

This the first of a series of articles I’ll write with the intent of build Scogger for PS3. Hope to finish this work before 2012.

Last update 22-jan-11 see changelog


With the breaking out of PSJailbreak this summer, the homebrew sceene didn’t wait so long to appear on Playstation3.

So we are finally talking about the possibility to run our own unsigned  code, using any of the available dongles  (you can even build one yourself).

Before actually start writing our application it is necessary to build our development envirement. For doing this we need a toolchain and a SDK: I’ll use ps3chain ps3toolchain and PSL1GHT.

The latter one is very young (project started 29-oct-10) and continously mantained, so the are chances that something may not work as you would expect.

Updating git daily, reporting bugs and contributing is appreciated 🙂

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