Syobon action (しょぼんのアクション) for Wii released!

syobon cover

Syobon action (original title しょぼんのアクション) is a 2D Japanese freeware video game notoriously known as a parody of the Nintendo classic game Super Mario Bros. but with extremely difficult levels (Wikipedia).

The game is available for Windows with source code too, so I wanted to port it over the Wii since New Super Mario Bros was too easy to play for me 😉

What I  noticed once opened the big main.cpp is that the sources were even more difficult to understand than playing the game itself, so I tried to modify it as less as I can did!

Accepted this challenge, these are briefely the steps I followed:

convince me that is was not possilbe.......................................[failed]
trying to understand how that code works...................................[failed]
trying to indent the code..................................................[failed]
convert the used dxlib functions to call Wii's GX (GRRLib) ones............[ done ]
realize that a proper port can't be done without spending more time I have.[ done ]
add some 'porkaround' in the source code for speeding up coding............[ done ]
boring debugs..............................................................[ done ]
boring tests...............................................................[ done ]

I’m not a master coder but I suggest to everyone to not use this code for educational purpouse! I spent time and time to trying to understand it, there are other projects you can use to start coding with 😉

Mandatory screenshots!


Input and tricks

The game is played with Wiimote used in NES position, with button 2 used for jump and button Minus for suicide (yes sometimes it is needed :)).

The original game let you select the starting level just pressing a keyboard key from 1 to 9 at main screen; mine has also a level select, find it out (main screen too)!

Many thanks to… order of “appearance”:

  • Author of the game (if you read it please tell me your name, I don’t know)
  • PoiSoN for let me know this game
  • NjoeSumiguchi, his wife and other people for translation
  • GRRLib (my first game using this lib!) and NoNameNo’s suggestions
  • LibOGC/devkitPro/asndlib

Important notes

As I said, the game is very very difficult,  so I debugged/tested the game until level 5 or 6, don’t guarrantee for other levels 😉 (please test if you are kinda brave).

The original Syobon Action had 4 levels, but I found the sources of (unofficial?) “version 2” so I used them and ported it:  5 levels more!


The game is available here.


24 pensieri su “Syobon action (しょぼんのアクション) for Wii released!

  1. Where can I download the “Unofficial” v2 of this game (for Windows)?

    I have searched for about 2-3hrs for it, with no luck

    Mi piace

  2. I want to report a bug, or a issue, I don’t know, because I’ve finished the first 4 stages and I’ve seen the credits (one line of text is cut by the limit of the screen, but isn’t important) but I can’t play the 5 unnoficial stages.

    And, if you have a unofficial versions of this game, could you post them?


    Mi piace

  3. I mean that I finish the 4 stage (the Castle), then, the credits appear, and, when the credits finish, appear the main screen (Push Jump Button).

    Mi piace

  4. I have finished the version 2 that you have posted. In 4 stage, I kill the cat, I catch the sword and I see a chicken (?) and the credits appear. Are you sure that this version is the extended? I don’t know if there is another way to complete the game.

    Mi piace

  5. OMG Awesome, I just found out about your efforts here. I just wanted to say that you beat me to it, lol. I was also working on this game and I made an ulgy conversion from C to C# with XNA. I think I still have the source around. I was planning to port to 360 but I could not find the original author of the game, also.

    Mi piace

  6. Yeah if you finish in that way you “complete” the game, but it is not the real ending, as also the author of that video points out: “This isn’t where the game ends. Follow NoMercyToKill’s post (#1) to bypass the clone at the end and win” that is how I do. 😀

    Mi piace

  7. In the original game you don’t run, you just double the framerate (you’ll see enemies walk at double speed for example)
    I assure you that you can pass the flag the sane way you do on pc 😉

    Mi piace

  8. All collisions are hardcoded in sources, but if you are so brave to have a look at them, you’ll notice that is quite impossible to understand it…anyway if you start maybe I can help you 🙂

    Mi piace

    My friend and I have has SO MUCH FUN playing this game… we beat it and would love the 2nd version translated for Wii >_< idk if this is a lot of work…but if you could THAT'D BE AWESOME!!! THANKS and email me if you can! O_O

    Mi piace

  10. This is what you call Syobon Action 2, since it has more than 4 levels, in particular the level of the end of the video is present in the game (I played it and the next 2 ones before failing :P)

    Mi piace

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  12. and then, more than 5 years after the fact, someone on the internet points out that your game is actually called syohon’s action。at least.. the title screen and screenshots say so ;o

    Mi piace


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