Syobon action (しょぼんのアクション) for Wii released!

syobon cover

Syobon action (original title しょぼんのアクション) is a 2D Japanese freeware video game notoriously known as a parody of the Nintendo classic game Super Mario Bros. but with extremely difficult levels (Wikipedia).

The game is available for Windows with source code too, so I wanted to port it over the Wii since New Super Mario Bros was too easy to play for me ;)

What I  noticed once opened the big main.cpp is that the sources were even more difficult to understand than playing the game itself, so I tried to modify it as less as I can did!

Accepted this challenge, these are briefely the steps I followed:

convince me that is was not possilbe.......................................[failed]
trying to understand how that code works...................................[failed]
trying to indent the code..................................................[failed]
convert the used dxlib functions to call Wii's GX (GRRLib) ones............[ done ]
realize that a proper port can't be done without spending more time I have.[ done ]
add some 'porkaround' in the source code for speeding up coding............[ done ]
boring debugs..............................................................[ done ]
boring tests...............................................................[ done ]

I’m not a master coder but I suggest to everyone to not use this code for educational purpouse! I spent time and time to trying to understand it, there are other projects you can use to start coding with ;)

Mandatory screenshots!


Input and tricks

The game is played with Wiimote used in NES position, with button 2 used for jump and button Minus for suicide (yes sometimes it is needed :)).

The original game let you select the starting level just pressing a keyboard key from 1 to 9 at main screen; mine has also a level select, find it out (main screen too)!

Many thanks to… order of “appearance”:

  • Author of the game (if you read it please tell me your name, I don’t know)
  • PoiSoN for let me know this game
  • NjoeSumiguchi, his wife and other people for translation
  • GRRLib (my first game using this lib!) and NoNameNo’s suggestions
  • LibOGC/devkitPro/asndlib

Important notes

As I said, the game is very very difficult,  so I debugged/tested the game until level 5 or 6, don’t guarrantee for other levels ;) (please test if you are kinda brave).

The original Syobon Action had 4 levels, but I found the sources of (unofficial?) “version 2″ so I used them and ported it:  5 levels more!


The game is available here.

~ di Scognito su gennaio 31, 2010.

23 Risposte to “Syobon action (しょぼんのアクション) for Wii released!”

  1. […] El resto de la información lo podéis consultar en la web del desarrollador […]

  2. Where can I download the “Unofficial” v2 of this game (for Windows)?

    I have searched for about 2-3hrs for it, with no luck

  3. I want to report a bug, or a issue, I don’t know, because I’ve finished the first 4 stages and I’ve seen the credits (one line of text is cut by the limit of the screen, but isn’t important) but I can’t play the 5 unnoficial stages.

    And, if you have a unofficial versions of this game, could you post them?


  4. What do you mean with “can’t play the 5 stage”?
    If I recall ok you start falling at the beginning of the stage, just press left and you’ll be safe.
    Version 2 (the one I ported) is available here:

  5. I mean that I finish the 4 stage (the Castle), then, the credits appear, and, when the credits finish, appear the main screen (Push Jump Button).

  6. I have finished the version 2 that you have posted. In 4 stage, I kill the cat, I catch the sword and I see a chicken (?) and the credits appear. Are you sure that this version is the extended? I don’t know if there is another way to complete the game.

  7. Sorry, it’s my fault, I have finished the stage 4 by the other exit and it goes fine. Thanks for the patience ;)

  8. OMG Awesome, I just found out about your efforts here. I just wanted to say that you beat me to it, lol. I was also working on this game and I made an ulgy conversion from C to C# with XNA. I think I still have the source around. I was planning to port to 360 but I could not find the original author of the game, also.

  9. Me neither, anyway you can contact me (guess my nick ;)) if you need some help…I’m curious about XNA :D

  10. Scognito, I saw this in Youtube and it’s different in your version :S

    (The end, at 4:12)

  11. Yeah if you finish in that way you “complete” the game, but it is not the real ending, as also the author of that video points out: “This isn’t where the game ends. Follow NoMercyToKill’s post (#1) to bypass the clone at the end and win” that is how I do. :D

  12. Scognito, I tried sending you an email to [removed by Scognito]. am I using the wrong addie?

  13. The address is right, but gmail moved your mail to the spam folder :(
    I sent you a reply ;)

  14. how i can pass the first level?, i mean, in the original you can run but in this not. so i cant pass the flag.

  15. In the original game you don’t run, you just double the framerate (you’ll see enemies walk at double speed for example)
    I assure you that you can pass the flag the sane way you do on pc ;)

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  17. How about a Nintendo DS Port of Syobon Action? :)

  18. All collisions are hardcoded in sources, but if you are so brave to have a look at them, you’ll notice that is quite impossible to understand it…anyway if you start maybe I can help you :)

  19. Hey i was wondering if you could port this to an nes rom. so we could use it wuth nes emulators on portable devices.

  20. Sorry I never coded for NES :)

    My friend and I have has SO MUCH FUN playing this game… we beat it and would love the 2nd version translated for Wii >_< idk if this is a lot of work…but if you could THAT'D BE AWESOME!!! THANKS and email me if you can! O_O

  22. This is what you call Syobon Action 2, since it has more than 4 levels, in particular the level of the end of the video is present in the game (I played it and the next 2 ones before failing :P)

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