Ricoh webcam driver for HP Pavillon 6299ea on Windows XP

After downgrading Windows Vista to XP the only driver I didn’t have success to install was the webcam one.
On my dv6299 ea (dv6000 series) the webcam is identified by the 05CA&PID_1810&MI_00\6&1F6A7C80&0&0000 string.

There is no webcam driver for XP looking on HP site, so I made many tries before gettings the device work.

The solution is pretty simple:

  • download the drivers for Vista from HP site
  • unpack with WinRAR or other compression tools
  • go to the sp34746\WCAMR\driver\ directory
  • doubleclick on DPInst32.exe and install the drivers
  • reboot

It worked on my pc, hope it will be useful for you too 🙂