Scogger 0.2 for Mobile Phone is out!

Despite the actual release date, this game was actually finished in april, months before the wii/gc release.

It was coded in few days, without knowing much about j2me.
Since I lost interest too early I didn’t added support for sounds and music so it is just a “mute” game.

Actually, the real challenge wasn’t coding for a mobile platform, but configuring Eclipse and Netbeans in conjunction with the S60 sdk! If I remember correctly i switched off and compiled it for standard j2me platform.

It shouldn’t have been coded for the public, but just for my cellphone (Nokia 6120 Classic, MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1 profile), so resolution is hardcoded for this type of device (320×240).

Thanks Kenney ( for graphics!

How to Play

The goal of the game is to make the frog jump over all the tree trunks using the arrow/menu keys of your mobile phone.

The only avaiable direction the frog can move are forward, left and right (no diagonals), with no jump distance limit!

Remember that the frog cannot jump backward, and pressing Fire/Center button restart the level!

Download & Installing

Download the package from here, and unpack it then install jar + jad your usual method for installing applications on the phone.
For Nokia devices I suggest to install through the Nokia PC Suite, that once configured for your mobile, will install application just doubleclicking on the jar file.

Please note I’ll do not provide any installation help nor support as I have removed the toolkit and don’t know how install jar/jad other than using the PC Suite!


Compatibility List

Currently reported working devices:

  • Nokia 6120 Classic
  • Nokia N95

If you succesfully installed on your device please add a comment, and I’ll add to the list.


Un pensiero su “Scogger 0.2 for Mobile Phone is out!

  1. Well, I can say for one that on my Nokia 3109c I can “install” the game just by copy-pasting the .jar/.jad pair over onto my MicroSD card (I just plug in my phone via USB and tell the phone to act as a storage device), and my phone has no problem there (tried with the PC suite first, then tried again to see if there was any difference in methods and there isn’t).

    I tried it with a 3500 as well.

    Okay, though, the kicker is that it doesn’t actually run on either of them (and wouldn’t really work anyways since their screens don’t have the resolution needed). But, for the record, at least with Nokias you shouldn’t need any additional software like the PC suite to install the applications.

    Mi piace


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