Using different server for Mozilla Weave

mozilla weave logo
mozilla weave logo

Mozilla Weave is an experimental project from Mozilla Labs aiming to synchronize information of Firefox browser (like bookmarks, saved passwords, tabs, history…) across different computers using a simple extension.

Once installed and configured on each browser it automatically synchronizes these metadata offering the same personal data among different computers.

Since it is still experimental it suffers of some issues, like the most popular at the moment: the authentication problem. I don’t know if it is a server issue, but I can’t authenticate myself using the default settings.

Searching on forums I found a solution provided by some users: use a different server for storing metadata information. The fix suggested explain how to setup a weave server on (a very useful free webdisk).

Simply create an account on, create this directory structure: “user/youruser“, where youruser is your login name, then update the server URL on the advanced tab of the weave options (

Sign in, synchronize et voilà, you can login again!

An extra advantage of this solution is that synchronizing is a lot faster than the overloaded (for now?) Mozilla default server.

Give it a try!