Scogger 0.2 DS is out!

scogger cover

This is the new version of Scogger!

Scogger is a simple puzzle game, released in occasion of the Annual drunkencoders christmas game coding competion.

The goal of the game is to make the frog jump over all the tree trunks.

The only avaiable direction the frog can move are forward, left and right (no diagonals), with no jump distance limit!

Remember that the frog cannot jump backward, and pressing SELECT restart the level!

Clean the stage for going to the next level (they are 10) or press START to go to the next one.

This trick is only avaiable if you make the so called “konami trick” (you know what is that, didn’t you?) at the titlescreen 😉

Thanks Kenney for the graphics!

Other features:

  • 10 level of 100 different avaiable
  • Trial input (touchscreen, d-pad, nds motion)

New features (0.2):

  • Compiled against latest libnds / palib
  • Graphic improvements
  • New input method! (NDS Motion) – Enable it with R trigger
  • New sound effects and background music – Toggle music with L trigger


Official page and download on my space on drunkencoders.


scogger ds

Scogger, credit screen

scogger ds

scogger ds

scogger ds

scogger ds

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