Read and Write on Linux ext2/ext3 partitions from Windows

Anyone who installed linux certainly noticed that its partitions (generally ext2/ext3 except some brave user who uses stuff like ReiserFS) are not visible inside Windows.

It was an annoying problem till some year ago, because it was necessary to reboot the system for getting a file from linux .

Luckily the situation is changed since a while, thanks to useful software like Ext2 Volume Manager. This program allows to browse linux filesystems as they were normal Windows ones, let’s look how.

The file to download is located here, and once download and installed it will stay in the systray:

For mounting a partition just click on the systray icon to show a window like this one:

In my case there is a linux partition recognized but not mounted

Double clicking on a partition will open a window that allow to select the mount point pushing the “Change” and then “Add” buttons:

Above: Partion property Window

In our case mount point is a virtual device where the partition will be mounted (eg: Z:)

If everything was fine, a popup will tell us the mount point assignement:

The updated Ext2 Volume Manager window will show then that partition is correctly assigned to the selected mount point:

Minimizing it will be shown in the systray (don’t close the window, otherwise it will be impossible to access the partitions just mounted!).

From now on it is possible to access linux partitions, just look these images (click for enlarge):

Above: My Computer

My desktop is a mess at the moment 🙂

I suggest to mount partition only when needed, avoiding double filesystem integrity checks in case the computer is not properly shut down.


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